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The American Revolution was a good idea

By Aristophanes  •  July 5, 2018

The war for independence resulted in a better world than if the colonies had remained under British rule.

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Who should challenge Trump?

By Aristophanes  •  July 5, 2018

An American majority awaits its knight in shining armor.

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The Bible’s message to isolationists

By Aristophanes  •  June 21, 2018

Jesus didn’t teach his disciples to separate immigrant children from their parents.

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Missouri returns to politics as usual

By Aristophanes  •  June 7, 2018

With Eric Greitens’ resignation, the tenure of Gov. Mike Parson is a welcome reversion to political normalcy.

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Goodbye, Greitens

By Aristophanes  •  May 29, 2018

I, for one, wholeheartedly accept the Missouri governor’s resignation.

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For anthem protest critics, it’s not about ‘respect’

By Hermes  •  May 26, 2018

The NFL’s new restrictions on player protests, though perfectly legal, are destructive and immoral.

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In memoriam: Nashville’s mass transit plan

By Hermes  •  May 18, 2018

In municipal elections, voters chose to ignore the infrastructure crisis facing the Music City.

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Can Missouri elect a centrist senator?

By Aristophanes  •  April 22, 2018

Missouri’s unique political atmosphere could be the epicenter of a centrist revolution.

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Nashville’s mayor resigns in disgrace

By Hermes  •  March 8, 2018

Megan Barry lost the trust of her city. It’s only fitting for her to step aside.

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Marsha Blackburn is spouting false narratives — again

By Hermes  •  February 16, 2018

Rep. Marsha Blackburn might say she’s a feminist, but her actions say otherwise.

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Nashville’s mayor should consider resigning

By Hermes  •  February 3, 2018

Extreme partisanship often blinds us to the faults of our own side.

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Should journalists call Trump a racist?

By Aristophanes  •  January 15, 2018

In the wake of shithole-gate, newsrooms are unsure how to describe the belligerent speaker of clearly racist rhetoric.

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You won’t get away with this, Greitens

By Aristophanes  •  January 12, 2018

The Missouri governor is eliminating his enemies one by one in a dramatic display of anti-democratic tyranny.

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4 takeaways from Trump’s Nashville trip

By Hermes  •  January 12, 2018

What I learned from the president’s latest jaunt.


Scandal consumes Missouri governor

By Aristophanes  •  January 11, 2018

Just call it 50 shades of Greitens.

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Trump won’t kill the GOP

By Aristophanes  •  January 6, 2018

If Watergate didn’t, almost nothing will.

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Missouri’s GOP civil war, explained

By Aristophanes  •  January 6, 2018

Republicans are in conflict with an increasingly dangerous governor of their own party.

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Top 10 news stories of 2017

By Aristophanes and Hermes  •  January 1, 2018

The American Unionist politics crew ranks the most important events of the past year.

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Rex, you did the right thing

By Aristophanes  •  December 15, 2017

Our secretary of state isn’t perfect, but his call for peace talks with the North Koreans — without stringent preconditions — is an admirable move.

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Alabama election puts Congress up for grabs

By Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos  •  December 14, 2017

The crew discusses Democrats’ win in the Alabama special election, and how it shapes the 2018 midterms.

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Alabama draws a line in the sand

By Aristophanes  •  December 13, 2017

Roy Moore deserved his loss, plain and simple.

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Bredesen’s Senate candidacy gives Democrats a chance

By Hermes  •  December 7, 2017

Tennessee’s Senate race is suddenly looking like a toss-up.

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So long, fiscal conservatism

By Aristophanes  •  December 2, 2017

Republicans are on the verge of passing a massive tax cut. Does no one care about the national deficit?

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Worried football fans suddenly care about sexual abuse

By Hermes  •  November 29, 2017

Tennesseans are holding their flagship public university’s football coach to a higher standard than they do the president of the United States.

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Rights of the accused are for courts, not politics

By Aristophanes  •  November 26, 2017

“Innocent until proven guilty” is a legal standard. In the court of public opinion, voters are free to render judgement by whatever metric they desire.

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Roy Moore should stay in the race

By Hermes  •  November 23, 2017

If Trumpism is to continue as a viable political force, it just can’t lose in a state like Alabama.

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Roy Moore will lose

By Aristophanes  •  November 22, 2017

We can expect Roy Moore’s campaign to fall the same way Todd Akin’s did.

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Too bad Trump isn’t a Democrat, I guess

By Aristophanes  •  November 14, 2017

Our Republican-controlled Congress would have impeached him long ago. But removing a president is still virtually impossible.

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Men won’t save Alabama. Women can.

By Aristophanes  •  November 9, 2017

Senate candidate Roy Moore is an alleged child molester. For too many men, it won’t even matter.

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Democrats are favored to retake the House

By Aristophanes  •  November 8, 2017

Tuesday’s Democratic wave in Virginia and elsewhere has some thinking Congress might be in play.

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Local news is under attack

By Hermes  •  November 2, 2017

Local television news no longer has to be local, destroying newsrooms’ journalistic integrity. This is not a partisan issue.

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Rallies show Trump emboldens racists

By Hermes  •  October 30, 2017

Demons from the past are rising from the grave. It’s up to true patriots to fight back.

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Mueller is draining the swamp

By Aristophanes  •  October 30, 2017

Wasn’t this President Donald Trump’s job?


Should we forgive Trump voters?

By Aristophanes  •  October 27, 2017

They voted for a demagogue and put our nation in peril. Here’s why we should give them a second chance.

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Bob Corker might run for president

By Hermes  •  October 26, 2017

He’s the best candidate to marshal the Republicans’ floundering Never Trump movement.

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Can Democrats win in deep-red states?

By Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos  •  October 24, 2017

The crew discusses high-profile Senate contests in Missouri, Texas, Alabama and Tennessee.

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Phil Bredesen, please run

By Hermes  •  October 23, 2017

Help us, Phil Bredesen. You’re our only hope.

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Trump doesn’t care about our troops

By Hermes  •  October 19, 2017

Sen. John McCain criticized “half-baked, spurious nationalism.” Right on cue, the president fired back.

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What is Jeff Sessions hiding?

By Aristophanes  •  October 19, 2017

What the attorney general wouldn’t say during his Wednesday testimony is quite telling.

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Boy Scouts refute gender binarism

By Aristophanes  •  October 16, 2017

Everyone will benefit from the Boy Scouts’ decision to accept female members.

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McCaskill just lost re-election

By Aristophanes  •  October 11, 2017

Republicans have an impeccable frontrunner in the race for Missouri’s Senate seat.

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Blackburn bad for Tennessee, US

By Hermes  •  October 10, 2017

Unfortunately, right-wing extremist Marsha Blackburn will win Bob Corker’s Senate seat.

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Rex Tillerson shouldn’t quit

By Aristophanes  •  October 9, 2017

The secretary of state’s replacement, appointed by President Donald Trump, could be much worse than what we currently have.

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Was Pence’s NFL walkout a planned political stunt?

By Hermes  •  October 8, 2017

The vice president surely knew players would kneel during the national anthem.

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Corker blasts Trump, speaking truth to power

By Aristophanes and Hermes  •  October 8, 2017

Republicans in Congress should grow a spine and follow Sen. Bob Corker’s lead.

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Gun control isn’t debatable

By Hermes and Aristophanes  •  October 3, 2017

The United States continues to have some of the laxest gun laws around. Consequently, American shooting deaths are abnormally high.

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6 picks to replace Sen. Bob Corker

By Hermes  •  September 28, 2017

The conservative committee chair has announced his retirement, leaving a deep-red seat up for grabs in the 2018 midterms. Who will replace him?

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Trump should stick to politics

By Hermes  •  September 28, 2017

Doesn’t Trump have better things to do than pick Twitter fights with beloved sports icons?

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In Alabama, Trump loses, but Trumpism wins

By Aristophanes  •  September 27, 2017

Roy Moore’s victory in the state’s Republican Senate primary is hardly an anti-Trump statement.

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Kushner’s private email shows Trump family hypocrisy

By Aristophanes  •  September 24, 2017

These darn email scandals just won’t go away. Can we agree to judge them apolitically?

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Bernie Sanders might have killed Obamacare

By Aristophanes  •  September 22, 2017

By introducing single-payer too early, Bernie Sanders just handed Republicans a loaded gun.


Is it time to forgive Sean Spicer?

By Aristophanes  •  September 19, 2017

Sean Spicer abetted a disgraceful demagogue. We can still forgive his mistakes.

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Leader of the free world? Forget it.

By Aristophanes  •  September 18, 2017

Under the Trump administration, the United States is abdicating its role as an international torchbearer.

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Trump is making more deals with Democrats

By Aristophanes  •  September 14, 2017

President Donald Trump is cozying up to Chuck and Nancy. What’s the end game?

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Single-payer is coming

By Aristophanes  •  September 13, 2017

A nationally run health care system has been anathema to American voters in the past. That’s changing — and fast.

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Without Texas, Republicans are doomed

By Aristophanes  •  September 9, 2017

Texas is going blue. If it flips, the GOP may never control the White House again.

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Trump isn’t pivoting

By Aristophanes  •  September 8, 2017

The president is working with Democrats. That doesn’t make him a moderate.

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Trump ditched DACA. Congress should make it law.

By Aristophanes  •  September 5, 2017

In rescinding Obama-era immigration policy, the president gives Congress an opening to defy him.

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Woodrow Wilson espoused utilitarian justice

By Aristophanes  •  September 3, 2017

President Woodrow Wilson rallied against postwar political retribution. The Allies should have listened.


Trump’s $1M Houston pledge is meaningless

By Hermes  •  September 2, 2017

The president promised $1 million to Hurricane Harvey victims. Will he follow through?

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‘Nashville Statement’ shows evangelical hypocrisy, tone-deafness

By Hermes  •  August 31, 2017

Evangelical Christians are in a symbiotic, and highly hypocritical, relationship with President Donald Trump.

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Trump’s politics are far from irrational

By Aristophanes  •  August 28, 2017

President Trump is trying to regain lost support by shoring up his base.

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Trump’s Arpaio pardon disgraces justice

By Aristophanes  •  August 27, 2017

President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows contempt for the rule of law.

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Yellow journalism left a nasty stain — and a few good ideas

By Aristophanes  •  August 24, 2017

The yellow journal war left a lasting legacy on the journalistic profession — good and bad.

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Stephen Bannon ousted by Trump, returns to Breitbart

By Aristophanes  •  August 20, 2017

Stephen Bannon is out of the White House. Up next? A return to Breitbart.