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Free will reigns in Middle-earth

By Aristophanes  •  October 17, 2017

In The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien argues that free agency is the ultimate personal good.

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Reliabilism’s causal component fails

By Aristophanes  •  October 13, 2017

The causal requirement cannot account for the many reasons one’s beliefs may be justified.

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Free will is a comforting fantasy

By Aristophanes  •  October 9, 2017

Robert Kane’s theory of actions-based libertarianism makes three fatal errors.


Nozick’s libertarianism isn’t just

By Aristophanes  •  October 1, 2017

Libertarian theories often fail to account for unfair disparities in opportunity.

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Originalism is shaping the Supreme Court

By Aristophanes  •  September 18, 2017

The doctrine of Neil Gorsuch and Antonin Scalia will influence the high court’s decisions for years to come.

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Alexander, Weinberg and the problem of intuition

By Aristophanes  •  September 17, 2017

Two philosophers sought an answer to intuition’s utility. Their solution? Science.

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Is there a moral obligation to give to charity?

By Aristophanes  •  September 14, 2017

Peter Singer says we must help whenever we are able, but his analysis isn’t quite right.

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Moral imperialism isn’t novel

By Aristophanes  •  September 11, 2017

Modern thought is corrupted by a pervading present bias. The United States is no exception.

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Criminal quarantine fails as an ethical theory

By Aristophanes  •  September 6, 2017

If free will doesn’t exist, how can we morally justify criminal containment?

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Society fears existential truth

By Aristophanes  •  September 1, 2017

Existence is meaningless, but the truth could destroy civilization.

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America faces a crisis of confidence

By Aristophanes  •  August 29, 2017

Vital democratic institutions are failing at an alarming rate.

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Plato foresaw democracy’s fall

By Aristophanes  •  August 23, 2017

Plato said democracy is fundamentally chaotic. Good thing we’re not one.


Abortion, terror and trolley cars

By Aristophanes  •  August 20, 2017

Japan chose not to pay ransom for two kidnapped citizens. It was the right call.


What is free will — and do we have it?

By Aristophanes  •  August 19, 2017

Philosophers disagree on whether free will is compatible with physical determinism.